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Ambrosia artemisiifolia - an actually highly allergetic danger !

Ambrosia artemisiifolia (ragweed) is a plant of the composite family (Asteraceae). It sprouts in the spring into the summer and is an annual weed.
The plant is originally native to North America, but was inadvertendly introduced to Europe several years ago. Since then, Ambrosia has spread rapidly and is conquering more and more green spaces in Europe and Germany.
The rising temperatures due to climate change will favor the spread of the plant in the future.

The ragweed plant is highly allergenic and causes severe reactions in some people. Their pollen are even among the strongest allergy triggers in the plant world. Often the contact leads directly to allergic asthma. In addition, cases are accumulating, in which the allergens have lead to an allergic shock.

From old stocks of the former company Staufen we offer a small testampoule set for Ambrosia. It contains the highly allergetic plant in the potencies D4, D6, D12 and D30 and costs EUR 20,00 net.